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The Neighbourhood Utility App

For safer, smarter, more efficient residential societies and estate managers

The CitySpidey platform is useful for carrying out your everyday task whether you could be a resident of an appartment complex an RWA a housing society or even a part of the administration team responsible for keeping the upkeep of your society

If you are a residential society manager, you have much to benefit from getting your neighbourhood onto the CitySpidey Web. The platform comes equipped with a mobile-based Gate Security System, exhaustive Accounting Software, tools for online transactions and personnel management, and much more. Explore all the features we have on offer for RWA/Society Admin!

The CitySpidey app is available on Android and iOS for mobile and includes useful features for making online society bill payments, calling essential maintenance services, escalating complaints, setting up security protocols for visitor access to your home and many other tools that you can take a walk through here

Also Available: CitySpidey Custom Edition

The CitySpidey Custom ERP Edition offers customised solution as per the needs of an RWA, a resident, or facility management company. We can offer estate supervision solution, which includes premium features, such as inventory management, data analytics for resources efficiency and IoT

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